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Enrich your supply chain with 3D visualization

Offer 3D visualization as a service

Create powerful product configurations with unlimited options and distribute it through your entire dealer / store network with an embeddable visual configurator.

Drive conversion and engagement in their (digital) stores, while indirectly impacting your turnover as well. Increase “your piece of the pie” as more of their customers will lean towards products which feature the best 3D visualization and product information.


iONE360 Product configuration software - Visual Product Configurator for the enterprise - 3D visualization
iONE360 Product configuration software - 3D visualization

Whitelabeled visual configurator for your dealers

iONE360 fits enterprises like a glove

iONE360 enables your stores / dealers to embed your product configurator on their own (e-com) websites and use your 3D visualization in their stores. Headless integrated supply chain solution with advanced content distribution throughout multiple channels, fit for both B2B and B2C.

Drive your sales by better informing your customers

Provide your dealers and end-customers with sufficient (visual) information and customer doubts will disappear.

in-store conversion
online conversion
iONE360 Visual Product configuration software - Visual Product Configurator for the enterprise - 3d visualization

Build product configurations, manage product content and publish and sell it anywhere! One solution for all your channels.

Why choose iONE360?

We understand where you’re coming from. Investing in 3D visualization only becomes truly interesting when you can push it throughout you entire sales network. Similarly, you need clear and flawless data back to purchase and manufacture products. Our configurator is built with supply chain efficiency in mind.

Enable your dealers to embed your whitelabeled visual configurator on their (e-com) platforms and offer them the ultimate sales tool. They obtain premium content, wrapped in cutting edge technology, with zero effort, while you retain full control of the data and can push changes in real time across your network. Sit back and watch as your sales take off!

Business processes have been our starting point in the development of iONE360. This means our configurator speaks the same language as enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and can act as a true extension of current (ERP) software. You don’t just have your visual configurations  covered in the front-end, but you also have the right data back-end

Do you know what “ambient occlusion” is? ORM maps? You and your team shouldn’t require in-depth knowledge about the 3D domain to create and manage configurable products!

Don’t get us wrong: it’s great when you have people who know what they’re doing, but we believe your product and marketing departments should be able to manage (configurable) product data without having to become 3D engineers.

The iONE360 configuration builder doesn’t bother you with confusing specialist information but empowers the people you hired to manage and promote your products.

Go ahead and create product configurations that represent ~300.000 SKU’s. With its’ library, fixed option value sets and drag and drop functionality, iONE360 stays easy to manage and you even have the ability to build configurations out of variants (option values), SKU’s or a combination of both.

Good to know:
iONE360 always has you covered
Whichever set of features you require, you’ll always have access to these core features and services
Usable output

You really don’t want to use another solution that forces you to hire several people to convert (online) orders to usable item data required for purchase orders or as BOM to send to your factories. It’s costly, inefficient and prone to mistakes!


iONE360 is born from business software, so making sure that configurable products can always be broken down into SKU’s and processible meta data is innate.

Engaging, visually appealing product configurations on your front-end. Usable, well-structured item data in your back-end.

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