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iONE360 is the perfect fit for retail and manufacturers of (customizable) furniture and related home and deco products. The company behind iONE360 (called: Colijn IT) is a market leader in western Europe in developing software specifically for the furniture vertical and now we’re expanding our reach with new clients from all over the world. With 41 years of experience, we know just about all there is to know about furniture and the (data) logistics that come with it. Because of this experience, we offer some of the best solutions globally for visual commerce in home & deco.


Our journey…

…started in 1981; the time when data was stored on 5¼” floppy disks of 360kB and IBM released the first PC. At the time, we saw where technological developments would lead us. Today we can say that this belief has not diminished and we remain at the forefront of the latest developments. That is why you can rest assured that you are choosing a future-proof partner

We are Creators

We design software that makes a difference.
We add value to the things you make.
We create experiences that stick.
We make visible what is otherwise left unseen.
And we bring your products to life.
We take pride in what we do.
Because we make a difference in your everyday business.

We are Innovators

We never stand still.
We’re always looking for new possibilities.
Ways to improve and expand what we do and what we offer.
Exploring new markets, creating new solutions.
That’s why our software makes you stronger. 
Allowing you to be one step ahead of the competition.
Today and tomorrow.

We Care

We love what we do.
Because we take great pleasure in helping others.
That’s why we invest in people. On all levels.
Personally, business-wise ánd globally.
We’ll always stand by your side.
To celebrate the good times. 
And to support each other when times get rough.
When we’re in, we’re in for the long haul.

Your 3D visualization expert in living

We believe in the strong integration between industry expertise and technological
innovation and bringing those together into great advancing solutions.

40+ years

500+ customers across the globe

ISO27001 certified

True industry expertise

Award Winning Software

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Main office (NL)

Amundsenweg 6
4462 GP

+31 (0)113 236 000

Colijn group of companies

iONE360 is a product brought to you by the Colijn group of companies represented by Csideglobal B.V. as global vendor and Colijn IT B.V. for the Benelux. The Colijn group is ISO27001 certified.

Please click below button to visit the Colijn IT website (Dutch).

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