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Whether you’re searching for solutions for a specific client or you’re looking to enter new markets by expanding your product portfolio, joining the iONE360 partner program is the perfect extension to your business.

It's a Win-Win-Win!

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Get your customer access to:

Easy integration

Be up and running tomorrow by installing one of our plug & play extensions for these major ecommerce platforms:

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iONE Magento plugin
integrations ione360
iONE embed plugin

WooCommerce for WordPress

Magento 2


Universal web plugin or API

You can trust us, we believe in
loosely coupled architecture

What's in it for you?

What we look for in a partner?

For e-comm development companies, iONE360 can be the perfect add-on to the platform that you deliver for your client.

Moreover, think about all the new opportunities in terms of customers and even completely new markets which become available to you with a solution like iONE360 in your portfolio!

Is your client struggling with product visualization? Are you looking for the next step in customer engagement? Or maybe you’re looking for a solution to improve customer review ratings? iONE360 can help you, help your customer with all of that!

Looking for an extension to your work? iONE360 is a platform that can bring your 3D models to life and transform them into configurable products for end-customers. So you keep doing what you do best while bringing a completely new dimension to the game for your customers!

Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t hijack your 3D work from you 😉

You already make great digital assets for you clients and you create fantastic visuals, right? Keep doing that!

Ánd, let’s add another dimension by also using your 3D assets in an interactive 3D configurator, or augmented reality, or a roomplanner… or all of the above! Your client will get the best of both worlds!

Don’t worry! We like to be complementairy to our partners, so we won’t hijack any of your business 😉

Your company needs to be able to integrate our software in client applications using our plugins and/or API’s

Your company needs to assign one or muliple team members to support the project(s) and obtain requisite knowledge about the iONE360 platform.

In order to get our partnership off to a good start, you need to have an actual project. This can be a project of a current client or a project or a very promising prospect.

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