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Take product visualization to the next level

Plan, combine, configure
- all at once

with a 3D Room Planner


Build, furnish, and decorate an entire room down to the smallest detail with highly configurable furniture, custom-built kitchens and cabinets, and a wide range of customizable elements including curtains, windows, plants and lighting.


Being able to showcase & combine your products in a digital replica of an existing room, is extremely convincing and exciting.

This adds a completely new dimension to the concepts of up- and cross selling, making the Room Planner an incredibly powerful sales tool.

room planner - room visualizer - iONE360

"At least 80% of the designs in MyRoomPlans result in an order."​

Marlou Deurloo - Lance

Owner - Ladela


What makes our room planner even more unique is the integrated product configurator. Configure all kinds of products right there on the spot, see prices, lead times and, last but not least, directly order products as configured in the room planner.


By using the room planner as a photo studio, you can capture stunning photo-realistic images of your products in any environment. These images are visually compelling and can effectively persuade your customers.

3D product configurator iONE360

fully integrated product configuration platform

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Learn more about a 3D room visualizer

A 3D room visualizer is a tool that can be used to create floor plans and furniture layouts quickly and easily, allowing customers to showcase several items together and to manipulate the scene by zooming and rotating the camera to view the product from all angles. In more advanced room planners you can also configure the several furniture items on the spot, decorate the room, add curtains, wallpaper, flooring and see your design in 3D.

In what situations can a 3D room visualizer be used?
A 3D room planner can be used for designing any thinkable space, both for personal and commercial use. Whether it is your living room, your new kitchen, an office space, a warehouse or hotel…. Every living or working space can be designed and decorated with a 3D room visualizer.

What more can you do with a 3D room visualizer?
Once you have your products digitally in 3D, you can use the room planner as a virtual photo studio, creating as many interiors and room scenes as you want. And with the option of full room rendering you get the opportunity to take the most beautiful ‘photo’s of your products in any environment, without the need of physical products. Using the room planner as room scenes helps to minimize photography costs, increase sales and inspire your customers.

What are the benefits of a 3D room visualizer?
A 3D room visualizer is an excellent tool to get a realistic overview of the available living space and sometimes, by means of VR technology, even enables customers to actually walk through the finished rooms or space. And as such, create an amazing user experience. When using a room planner with an integrated Product Configurator you can configure all kinds of products right there on the spot, see prices, lead times and directly order products as configured in the 3D room visualizer. A room planner is an amazing sales tool. Showing your products in the right environment increases buying intent up to 64%!