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Artist rendering | 3D Models | Roomscenes


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No 3D assets? No problem! iONE360 offers full service content creation services for all your 3D models, materials and renders.

Artist rendering | 3D Models | Roomscenes

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with Professional Artist Rendering

Based on your existing 3D models, our 3D product rendering service can create the most beautiful, photorealistic images.

No 3D assets yet? No problem! iONE360 also offers full content creation services for all your 3D models and materials. 

One stop shop for all your 3D apps, product visualization and channels!

Interactive 3D

Fully configurable

E-comm integration

Automated Render Service

Guided selling



Virtual Reality

Customizable products

360 viewer

Brochures and catalogs

Social media

BOM input

Apps integration

And so much more...


full room rendering on demand!

minimize photography costs | increase your sales | inspire customers

Showcase your products in any environment with roomscenes. When using our Roomplanner as a photo studio, you can take the most beautiful “photos” of your products in any environment. These stunning photorealistic and interactive images will definitely inspire and convince your customers. 

To top it off, having your products digitally in 3D makes product photography feasible because you no longer need to produce products just for the pictures. Save yourself a ton of money while at the same time offering a next level customer experience. A win-win!

Roomplanner 2D product visualization iONE360

Showing your products in the right environment increases buying intent up to 64%

Bridge the imagination gap

Endless possibilities, mindblowing visuals

All part of the iONE360 configuration platform

product configuration | visualization software | mass customizable products | ecomm ready

3D product configurator, AR, automated renders, ecommerce plugin, photorealistic rendering

With the 3D configurator you can sit back and relax. Once implemented, the iONE360 Product Configuration Platform handles all the work. Thanks to business rules and guided selling, you don’t have to worry about faulty orders or disappointed customers anymore. Accelerate your business with iONE360.


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Learn more about 3D content creation

3D content, or visual content, is the blanket term for all product imagery, such as high-resolution photos, videos, GIFs, multi-angle shots, 360° views, in-action footage, and user generated content (UGC). Creating 3D models and materials is one of our specialties.

What is 3D content?
3D content, or visual content, is the blanket term for all product imagery, such as high-resolution photos, videos, GIFs, multi-angle shots, 360° views, in-action footage, and user generated content (UGC).

What is 3D content used for?
3D content is used to showcase products of all sorts on all kinds of media, both online and offline. 3D content can contain images of real-life products, but thanks to groundbreaking techniques such as rendering, it is also possible to create the most beautiful, photorealistic images of non-existing items.

What techniques are available to create 3D content?
There are several techniques to create 3D content. Of course, there is the traditional (digital) photography as we all know it. With today’s technologies and the endless possibilities of smart phones, making photos or videos is within reach of basically everybody. However, to create images of items that do not exist (yet), there is an alternative called rendering or CGI (computer generated image). With this technique, you can create high quality, photorealistic images of a product, both existing and non-existing. And finally, with the iONE360 room planner, it is possible to showcase and photograph products in any environment. These stunning photorealistic and interactive images are a great way to inspire and convince your customers.

How can 3D content be used as a marketing tool?
3D content creation is a crucial part of your content strategy. By creating and sharing valuable, relevant and consistent material with your prospects and customers, you can help them solve their issues, stimulate interest in your products or services and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action. As such, 3D content is something not to be missed in your strategic marketing approach.

What is UGC?
Unlike the visual content you create as a company yourself, User Generated Content (UGC) is unpaid, unfiltered, authentic, published information created by your customers, posted on different social media platforms. UGC, also known as consumer generated content (CGC), consists of both visual and textual online reviews from past customers about their past purchases, giving insight to future clients on the buying experience. It could be a photo, video, blog or discussion forum post, poll response or comment made through a social media website. UGC is a very potent way to market your brand. It helps to build trust, showcase reliability, inspire consumers and boost conversions.

Types of 3D content
We can distinguish different types of content

Product content
Putting the product itself in the center of attention, showing what it is, what it looks like and what it does.

Lifestyle content
Showing how your product fits into and builds upon your lifestyle and picturing where a product could take you, literally and figuratively speaking.

Storytelling imagery

Using visual images to share ideas, beliefs, personal experiences, and life-lessons that evoke powerful emotions and insights.