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Create stunning visuals with our chair 3D configuration tool

Seats, dining chairs, relax chairs, arm chairs, thrones… or any other chair you can think of… With our iONE360 3D chair configuration tool you can visualize any kind of chair in any shape, style and size! Offer stunning customer experience with configurable 3D models and renders. Our chair 3D configuration tool can even handle all types of fabric and materials.

Your customers will be blown away! And so will you.
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3D chair configuration & visualization | 2D & 3D visuals | AR

iONE360 seating configuration chair 3D configurator

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fully interactive | fully web-based | automated renders | configurable AR | e-comm ready

Endless possibilities, mindblowing visuals

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3D chair configurator with web-native AR

High quality 3D chair configurator with web-based augmented reality enabled (on android with Chrome).

Such high quality, while keeping performance high! Meet our webbased 3D configurator. In this example of a dining chair, you can change the fabrics, choose from several stitching patterns and select different frames. Change the floor to see the product in a different setting, and, if you have an android phone, try the web-native AR feature to display the product as configured right there next to you in your room.

Other customizable 3D chairs!

Dining chair - 3D chair productconfigurator

Relax chair - 3D chair productconfigurator


fully integrated iONE360 product configurator

iONE360 - Visual product configurator & 3D
ione360 product configuration platform Seating configuration

With the 3D configurator you can sit back and relax. Once implemented, the iONE360 Product Configuration Platform handles all the work. Thanks to business rules and guided selling, you don’t have to worry about faulty orders or disappointed customers anymore. Accelerate your business with iONE360.

Guide your customers through the selling process. And increase their buying confidence! 

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