Traditional photography vs Rendering

Your website and webshop showcase the most beautiful pictures of your products. Photographed exactly the way you wanted to. Despite the costs, the result is amazing. Now let’s hope it takes a while before you have to head back to the studio with an entirely new collection… Just think about it. Bringing your products from your store to the photostudio… Hoping nothing gets damaged along the way… And hoping that somebody from your own staff is there to help decorate the studio… Then waiting for the photographer to finish editing. And then…finally, the bill.

Isn’t there any other way? Sure there is! With the same results or even better. And significantly less expensive! Let us show you how we do it.

Digital photography is one of the biggest expenses for many furniture stores. There are many ways to approach this item. iONE360 offers an innovative tool, called rendering. Renders are made with 3D furniture and 3D rooms. Rendering saves you time and money and offers millions of options. Now let’s illustrate this by comparing a traditional photoshoot versus a rendered project.

Traditional photography

First, you need a photographer, a piece of furniture, accessories, and a room. Things that need to be organized and cost a lot of money, let alone time. Every piece of furniture has to be brought to the studio and the studio needs to be decorated by an employee. This all easily adds up. Let alone if you want to take an additional photo with another fabric or a different setting. Before you know it, the costs are sky high. 


Rendering is a new, innovative way of creating images that can save you a lot of money. First, a 3D model is made of each item and of all fabrics. The same fabrics you also find in the store. Next, the 3D model is placed inside a custom-made 3D roomscene. It is also possible to choose a standard background. Lighting, shadows and even stitches, seems and folds are visible in a render. When you want to show the piece of furniture in another fabric, this is all arranged digitally. Let’s say you want to show a piece of furniture in 50 different fabrics. That’s no problem! iONE360 makes it all possible. In no time, you’ll have 50 digital photo’s of your piece of furniture, in 50 different fabrics. No need to actually make those pieces, nor having to bring all the material to the studio. And each additional render costs no more than 15 euro each!


Let’s take a look at the end result and decide for yourself how you’ll photograph your products in the future:

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Renders are super realistic and deliver razor sharp images. Want to know more? Click here and learn all about 3D visualization and rendering.


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