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3D product configurator, AR and Rendering

E-comm ready

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Guided selling

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Award Winning 3D Product Configurator Software

iONE360 META 3D Product Configurator

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"Compared to other providers, iONE360 offers the most advanced solutions."
F. Herman, CEO, Habufa
Versatile visual commerce
Discover all the mindblowing possibilities of our latest configuration and visualization engine! Stunning visuals, Augmented Reality, automated live rendering, configuring while in AR and all of it fully web-based. This could be your store tomorrow!​
There’s no limit to what types of products iONE360 can handle! As long as you have mass-customizable products, iONE360 will get you that inrivaled e-com experience.
For brands / manufacturers
Looking for a solution to enable your dealers to showcase your products in 3D in websites and stores? You came to the right place! Offer 3D configuration as a service and watch their and your turnover rise.


suited for any mass customizable product | ecommerce ready

Bring your products to life! Show all options and features in unrivaled 3D quality and let your customers create their perfect setup through a guided selling process. Help them understand your products and watch as conversion and satisfaction rates soar.

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room visualizer iONE360 3D product configurator

Combine your (configurable) products and enable customers to view them in the context of their homes. Multiply your average order value by 3!

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personalize and customize iONE360 3D product configurator

New! Allow customers to add graphics or custom text input to your products and visualize them directly on your 3D models.

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360 product viewer iONE360 3D product configurator

Enable your customers to view your products in photorealistic quality from all angles while retaining the ability to configure to order.

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Low cost photorealistic imagery of áll your products in áll possible variations, live and on demand. This tech is the ultimate solution for your digital asset challenges.

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room scene renders iONE360 3D product configurator

A virtual photo studio with limitless possibilities and all your (configurable) products at your fingertips? Create your own scenes, add your own products and create photorealistic images at a click of a button.

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ecommerce ready iONE360 3D product configurator

iONE360 is built best-of-breed solution that can be seamlessly integrated in your e-commerce and backend software landscape through our API’s and e-comm plugins for WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento 2 and Shopify. 

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augmented reality iONE360 3D product configurator

Enable your customers to show your products as configured in their living rooms, offices, gardens, etc, directly from their browsers. No app required!

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3D room planning software for furniture with VR

Experience roomplanner projects as if you are really there. Experience the power of a fully web-native workflow from drawing a room, furnishing and decorating it to actually stepping inside to view it in 1:1 scale.

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iONE360 3D product configurator

No 3D assets? No problem! iONE360 offers full service content creation services for all your 3D models, materials and renders. 

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Room Planner | Retail sensation
Plan, combine, configure. Offer the ultimate shopping experience with our Room Planner. Configure all kinds of products right there on the spot, see prices, lead times and directly order products as configured in 3D room visualizer.
"At least 80% of the designs in MyRoomPlans result in an order."
Marlou Deurloo - Lancee I Owner Ladela


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iONE360 offers visual commerce without bounds: our visual product configurator can handle any type of mass-customizable product regardless of industry, size and complexity.
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Take away any doubts!
Encourage customers to buy your products with confidence! Product visualization and guided selling lets customers understand your products and make better decisions by bridging the imagination gap. Besides happy customers, what will this do for you?
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"Visual configuration is a transformative technology. Organizations that are among the first to adopt it in their industry experience substantial competitive advantage and cost savings."
Gartner (2020)
Find out what iONE360 can do for you:

Visual Product Configuration Platform

With its CTO and CPQ features it enables backoffice as well as customers to customize complex products through guided selling and order them without any mistakes. Moreover, it allows you to visualize each step by using versatile 3D-models and automated photorealistic renders.

IONE360 is an award winning omni-channel 3D product configurator. Show, customize and order products in 3D, AR, VR, (automated) renders and a roomplanner!

One single platform where you can manage all your product data, create product configurations, manage your assets and distribute it to all your online and offline channels.

One stop shop for all your 3D apps, product visualization and channels!

Interactive 3D

Fully configurable

E-comm integration

Automated Render Service

Guided selling



Virtual Reality

Customizable products

360 viewer

Brochures and catalogs

Social media

BOM input

Apps integration

And so much more...

Easy as 1,2,3... 4
Ready? Watch as your sales take off!
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Be ready for Metaverse
Not all products and not all channels are the same. iONE360 ensures all the data is centralized so you only do the work once, while your products can be visualized and configured in various way and on various channels.

iONE360 is the all-in-one solution to configure your products in 3D using a guided selling process, generate photorealistic renders of áll variants, display those products in real life settings using Augmented Reality ánd combine all those products in our room planner.

Sell more in your stores

With our product configurator and roomplanner you take away your customers' doubts in minutes, encouraging them to buy your products with confidence! Your customers will convert 27% - 70% more! If that isn't enough, due to the up- and cross-sell opportunities of our roomplanner, your customers spend 3X more!

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