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Great news to all Magento users! With the new iONE360 Magento 2 product customizer plugin you can now install our visual product configurator in the blink of an eye. So go ahead, download the free plugin and let’s get started! Not familiar yet with iONE360? No worries! Download the iONE360 plugin FOR FREE, install your free demo and discover all the great assets of our 3D visual product configurator. Bring your website to the next level and offer your customers the best online experience. Start your iONE360 journey today!

Discover the amazing features of the Magento 2 product customizer plugin, such as:

About iONE360

And the assets of the Magento 2 product customizer

iONE360 is a visual product configurator which can handle any type of mass-customizable product regardless of industry, size and complexity. Users can create configurations themselves and add 3D assets, which is then translated to an easy step-by-step guided selling process that can be embedded in other applications.

Offer your configurable/customizable products on all channels consistently; providing (3D) product configuration on webshops, AR, VR and even a roomplanner. All from one single source.

Now, even consumers can customize complex products without mistakes and can properly see products before making expensive purchases. Sales value goes up and delivered products will match expectations, which means: less returns, less waste and happy customers
ione360 product configuration platform


    • The plugin offers a FREE demo mode in which you can get a feel of what the configurator is capable of and how it will look like on your website. Equipped with a standard 3D configurable product. 
    • This same plugin can be switched to production mode, so no further work required! 
    • Allows for products to be configurable in 3D. When products are defined as configurable in Magento, a reference SKU to the iONE360 backend can be added. This serves as an input parameter to make sure the right product is loaded in the configurator on your product page.
    • The iONE360 plugin features a fully interactive 3D scene for the product to be viewed from all angles and configured through a guided selling process.
    • Includes a separate component which lists all options and selections made by the end-user, which also serves as the main interface for users to modify options on the product.
    • The plugin includes a fully functional add to cart feature which can add the product, as configured, to the cart including all selections made as well as the correct price (as configured).
    • Fully responsive, mobile friendly. 
    • Contains “full screen mode”
    • Runs on any device, in any browse

Account and pricing

The plugin with demo functionality can be downloaded and used for free. For integration with (your own) products from iONE, a quote must be requested. Please, contact us for more information.
    • No account is required to use the plugin.
    • No account is created when the extension is installed.

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